Interview with Andrea Unger

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Hi traders!

Today I’m excited to present you an interview with Mr. Andrea Unger – a trading champion, 4 times a winner of the renowned Robbins Trading Competition (2008-2010, 2012). Reserve 40 minutes of your time and prepare to learn from the master.

P.S. Join Andrea’s free webinar: link.

Forex vs other markets: what is better for you?

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Traders often ask – what’s the difference between Forex and other markets?

All people search for a better place to do business, and they question themselves – what if somewhere money is made easier? There are plenty of markets available for a trader today – Stock and bond market, futures and options, CFDs. Thousands of instruments are traded on a daily basis in financial markets.

So, what’s the difference?

We would disappoint seekers of “easy” markets. There is nothing really easy in trading. Each market requires knowledge and experience, as well as discipline. Below I’ve made an overview for your convenience so that you could grasp differences between Forex and other markets.

Enjoy the read!


Why am I optimistic about the US stock market?

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Hi there!

Are you negative about the perspectives of the US stock market? Well, that’s easy to be pessimistic in the context of massive bearish sell-offs, which we had seen recently.

But what about now? If you ask me, what I do, I will tell you that I hold several stocks, thus, having skin in the game. And below, I will explain to you why I consider rebound of stock indices highly probable, which means that we may see that soon.

First, we see that we have the decreasing volume as the market goes down. Take a look at QQQ (Nasdaq ETF), and you will see that most recent bearish swings were accompanied with the decreased volume. Usually, that means insufficient participation of the long-timeframe sellers in the process. And, guess what? It is a sign of rather a range-bound market conditions than bearish ones.


Trading the news in a simple way. Part 2.

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Hi there!

In today’s article I will continue talking about trading around the major news announcements. As you remember from the previous article, reading market sentiment is more important for a short-term trader rather than trying to analyze long-term fundamentals.

Now, as I’m writing this article, it’s 2 hours left before the ECB interest rate decision. What about the current price action? We see that it grows…





How do you think – why a price of a currency pair (an asset) grows in a face of uncertainty?


Trading the news in a simple way. Part 1.

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Hi there!

You know me mostly as a technical trader (though, I’d prefer to claim myself a “conditional trader”). Does it mean that I pay no attention to fundamentals whatsoever? Actually, no. In this article, I want to pay attention exclusively to some fundamentals of currency markets. Of course, I do it in an unconventional way.

There are two ways to read fundamental information: the difficult one and the simple one (don’t mix this word with “easy”). In this article, I will describe both approaches and focus on the “simple” one.

Let’s go!


Interview with Ralph Vince (July 2018)

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Hi traders!

Stan here and I’m excited to present you the full version of the interview with Mr. Ralph Vince.

We’ve been talking about modern application of “optimal f”, diversified portfolios, trading systems, coin toss experiments and other interesting topics related to trading and investing.

Grab a coffee, reserve 40 minutes of your time, open your mind and get ready to learn from the master.


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Ralph Vince on US Stock market (July 2018): fragment of the interview

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Hi there!

Today there’s something special on the blog: a few weeks ago I’ve made an interview with Mr. Ralph Vince, who doesn’t need to be introduced. For those of you who occasionally haven’t heard about him, he is the top expert in risk and money management sphere.

The whole interview is quite large, now you may watch a small fragment dedicated to the US stock market.

We often hear warnings and pessimistic assumptions about S&P500: is it at the end of the bullish cycle? Let’s go straight to numbers with Ralph and figure out what is happening with this market now:

Where is Stan?

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Guys, I haven’t been writing in a blog for a while.

I was traveling and… of course, trading.

Meanwhile, you may find me on tradingview, I put there my trading suggestions from time to time. Subscribe to my channel and follow me here.

More charting features are accessible here.

Though, I never recommend following any ideas blindly. Have a decent risk management and do your own research on every idea published.

Will Volatility Come Back In 2018?

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Hello there!

Stan here. First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Have you already planned New Year resolutions for 2018?  If no, I’d advice you to add these to your list (of course, it’s a trader’s blog, so they are all about trading):


  • Learn to trade in the low volatile environment;
  • Master a mean-reversion strategy;
  • Invest a certain time and money in trading cryptos.


The previous year was quite challenging for many traders since volatility for most liquid markets were declining. Well, not for cryptocurrencies, of course, which are the wholly different story. A one picture is worth thousand words, so take a look at the collage below:


Why Do Pros Not Trade Bitcoin?

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Hi there! August was not a very exciting month for traders: we’ve seen mostly sideways dynamics for most of the charts. Even E-mini S&P500 future has stopped the “everlasting” ascending trend and started to consolidate. Only a bitcoin has shown a spectacular move, soaring to $4300.

What is happening? A new bubble, the modern variation of tulipomania or a reasonable technology, which is changing the world before our eyes?

When you don’t have an answer, the best thing you can do is to ask the pros. So, I’ve decided to make an expert poll, having sent direct questions to Larry Williams, Linda Raschke, Andrea Unger, Michael Cook and other professional traders. I’ve asked them just one question:

“Is current Bitcoin rally a part of a bubble which will crash sooner or
later or a new emerging trend with promising opportunities?”

That’s what they’ve said (relevance: Aug 2017): (more…)