Interview with Andrea Unger

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Hi traders! Today I’m excited to present you an interview with Mr. Andrea Unger – a trading champion, 4 times a winner of the renowned Robbins Trading Competition (2008-2010, 2012). Reserve 40 minutes of your time and prepare to learn from the master. P.S. Join Andrea’s free webinar: link.

Trading the news in a simple way. Part 2.

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Hi there! In today’s article I will continue talking about trading around the major news announcements. As you remember from the previous article, reading market sentiment is more important for a short-term trader rather than trying to analyze long-term fundamentals. Now, as I’m writing this article, it’s 2 hours left before the ECB interest rate […]

Trading the news in a simple way. Part 1.

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Hi there! You know me mostly as a technical trader (though, I’d prefer to claim myself a “conditional trader”). Does it mean that I pay no attention to fundamentals whatsoever? Actually, no. In this article, I want to pay attention exclusively to some fundamentals of currency markets. Of course, I do it in an unconventional […]

Interview with Ralph Vince (July 2018)

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Hi traders! Stan here and I’m excited to present you the full version of the interview with Mr. Ralph Vince. We’ve been talking about modern application of “optimal f”, diversified portfolios, trading systems, coin toss experiments and other interesting topics related to trading and investing. Grab a coffee, reserve 40 minutes of your time, open […]

Where is Stan?

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Guys, I haven’t been writing in a blog for a while. I was traveling and… of course, trading. Meanwhile, you may find me on tradingview, I put there my trading suggestions from time to time. Subscribe to my channel and follow me here. More charting features are accessible here. Though, I never recommend following any […]

Will Volatility Come Back In 2018?

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Hello there! Stan here. First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year! Have you already planned New Year resolutions for 2018?  If no, I’d advice you to add these to your list (of course, it’s a trader’s blog, so they are all about trading):   Learn to trade in the low volatile environment; Master […]

Why Do Pros Not Trade Bitcoin?

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Hi there! August was not a very exciting month for traders: we’ve seen mostly sideways dynamics for most of the charts. Even E-mini S&P500 future has stopped the “everlasting” ascending trend and started to consolidate. Only a bitcoin has shown a spectacular move, soaring to $4300. What is happening? A new bubble, the modern variation of […]