How To Prepare For The Trading Day

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Preparation for the trading day is one of the essential parts of decision-making process. You can’t get prepared for everything, but those who have done their homework, have better odds of success. Trading is an art of managing risks and gauging probabilities. “Art” is a key word here. As markets are not random, we can’t […]

4 Popular Myths About Trading

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Professional trading is covered with lots of misconceptions, myths, and unrealistic expectations. It’s very hard to achieve a goal grounded on false premises. If you heavily underestimate a number of resources needed to achieve your goal, you would sooner or later meet disappointment, feeling yourself betrayed. That’s why it’s time to uncover some of the […]

Books To Read On Trading. Part 1.

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Hi, everyone! Stan is on the air. When you are learning to trade, you find yourself automatically going to Amazon or any other bookstore and searching for books on trading. Well, the industry has something to offer. Yet, bestsellers may not be the best choice for a struggling trader since they focus too much on […]

Welcome post

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I welcome you on my personal blog. My name’s Stanislav (Stan) Bernuhov. As you understand from the title, this blog is dedicated to trading the financial markets. I do it for over 12 years, and have useful experience to share with aspiring traders. I trade futures, options of futures, stocks, CFDs and Forex markets, started […]