Private coaching program

If you feel stuck in trading, experience a slump in your trading performance or lack necessary knowledge, you are not alone!

Trading the liquid markets today is difficult, both psychologically and methodologically. Why spend years for a “trial-and-error” style of self-education? Enroll in an individual coaching program today (by filling the form below) and accelerate your learning curve!

I have wide experience working with traders of all levels and all timeframes, so I can help you find your “blind spots” and personal strengths. Time is money in this game – it may take several years to understand the market and, what is, more importantly, understand yourself.

Why lose time?


Why would you need a personal coaching?


Let’s face the truth – you will pay for your education in some way. Most people pay to the market in a form of trading losses, some pay with time (years of self-education), and a few find a mentor, which may give a valuable feedback, ask the right questions and provide necessary support during the process.

The coaching program is conducted in online mode with the help of Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or any other messenger with a “voice call” function.

If you are interested in such a program, request details by filling the form below. We will conduct a free initial 30-minute interview and decide whether such a cooperation is possible.