How To Invest In Cryptocurrencies Without Buying Any Of Them

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Have you purchased any of cryptocurrencies this year? If no, you are just like me. I do my best to not be a laggard in trading, but I still keep away from super popular bitcoin, etherium, dash and other cryptocurrencies. Fellows from tradingview are actively posting ideas for ETCUSD, BTCUSD, LTCUSD and other crypto assets.

My old trading habit is to keep away from a process, which looks so attractive to the public. Yesterday I’ve come to my favorite cafe to drink a cup of coffee, and heard several guys from the table next to me talking about… guess what? … how to deposit cash on crypto exchange, what cryptocurrency to pick and so on and so forth… That’s why I keep away from this process, at least for now. I know by experience, that success in trading has usually nothing to do with going with the crowd. While blockchain technology itself is very interesting, (and it becomes more and more evident that it will change much in our life), should we be involved? Read my reflection on this topic below.  (more…)

How To Prepare For The Trading Day

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Preparation for the trading day is one of the essential parts of decision-making process. You can’t get prepared for everything, but those who have done their homework, have better odds of success.

Trading is an art of managing risks and gauging probabilities. “Art” is a key word here. As markets are not random, we can’t really use probability theory to calculate the odds. Markets are driven by fear, greed, rumors, expectations and other elusive factors, which are difficult to measure.

It is an “art” unless you have sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm based on machine learning. We bet you don’t have it otherwise you wouldn’t read this article now. Time will pass by until you master this art and would be able to read the market like an open book. Before that time, it’s better to follow a step-by-step plan, which helps you recognize opportunity as soon as it appears.

This article is dedicated to “trader’s checklist” – preparation plan, which you can follow before your trading day starts. You can use this template or develop your own one. Enjoy the read!


4 Popular Myths About Trading

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Professional trading is covered with lots of misconceptions, myths, and unrealistic expectations. It’s very hard to achieve a goal grounded on false premises. If you heavily underestimate a number of resources needed to achieve your goal, you would sooner or later meet disappointment, feeling yourself betrayed. That’s why it’s time to uncover some of the myths around trading.

I wasn’t working on top positions for leading banks or hedge funds, i.e. my understanding comes from individual trading and my own experience/observations. Yet, some of my friends work for relatively large financial institutions, and I have pretty clear understanding of what they do there.

My assumptions in this article are not based on serious research and statistical numbers. I will rely on what I know and what I believe is true.  (more…)

Books To Read On Trading. Part 1.

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Hi, everyone! Stan is on the air.

When you are learning to trade, you find yourself automatically going to Amazon or any other bookstore and searching for books on trading. Well, the industry has something to offer. Yet, bestsellers may not be the best choice for a struggling trader since they focus too much on beautiful setups, or underline the importance of discipline and risk control (as if we didn’t know that). 90 percent of traders don’t become more disciplined after simply knowing what they are expected to do. Knowing how good setups look like also has little correlation with success.

Most images of successful traders are unrealistic. Real traders break keyboards, violate their trading plans (if have ones), overtrade, attempt to pick tops/bottoms, trade defensively, don’t cut their losses and et cetera. And real traders rarely rely on somebody’s advice and knowledge.

Best of them find something that works for them, in their hands, and build on it. Until you find out what really works for you, no advice would help. That’s why, I always valued books which helped me become better version of myself. In this post, I want to share with you books, which have become eye-openers in my own trading. Hope, it will help you in your search for the right knowledge.


Featured webinar: Self-Coaching For Trader. Part 1.

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Hi there!

Thinking of what to start my blog with, I’ve occasionally found the recording of a webinar, which I’ve made not so long ago for Exness company (global Forex broker). You will find the video at the end of this post.

The video is dedicated to self-development (self-coaching) in trading. At the first sight – just take a chart, and practice, practice, practice again… then repeat, until you achieve 10000 hours of experience.

It’s not so easy though. 10000 hours spent near your trading terminal may not get you close to success unless your practice is conscious and well structured. (more…)

Welcome post

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I welcome you on my personal blog. My name’s Stanislav (Stan) Bernuhov. As you understand from the title, this blog is dedicated to trading the financial markets. I do it for over 12 years, and have useful experience to share with aspiring traders.

I trade futures, options of futures, stocks, CFDs and Forex markets, started as active day trader, now mostly gravitated to swing (Futures/Forex) and position (Options) trading. Here, in this blog, I will share my thoughts and insights on trading in whole, as well as trading ideas in particular. (more…)