Trading statistics and real-time performance: see report inside


Hi traders!

Long time no see ) I haven’t posted for quite a long time, but I was not off the market ) I was trading. I have been writing down my trading ideas in a particular journal since October 2020, and here’s what I’ve got.

A hypothetical performance curve of the recent 186 trading ideas is shown below. For the one idea that worked, I assign (+1), for the one that hasn’t worked = (-1). I call each idea a “window of opportunity” (WOO)

That is not yet a trading performance, though. Instead, it is purely statistical data, organized in a chart.

A practical trading sample (built with the algorithmic execution module) is shown below.

The red line results from an intraday system operating with hourly charts. The blue one is a simple swing trading strategy, which holds positions within the selected WOOs. Charts and specific ideas you may find in a report.

I’m posting this not to brag in any way but to show you something that works in real-time market conditions. Moreover, I will post some suggestions every week on my Twitter and combine them in a report.

My goal is pretty simple. I plan to create a premium subscription service in the future, but I want to do everything right.

I want to be as transparent as possible, so I will share my views (WOOs) for free as essential guidance, while specific trading suggestions (with entries, exits, stop adjustments, targets e t.c.) will be put in a premium section. I will update you about the details when they are ready



See you later!