Welcome post

I welcome you on my personal blog. My name’s Stanislav (Stan) Bernuhov. As you understand from the title, this blog is dedicated to trading the financial markets. I do it for over 12 years, and have useful experience to share with aspiring traders.

I trade futures, options of futures, stocks, CFDs and Forex markets, started as active day trader, now mostly gravitated to swing (Futures/Forex) and position (Options) trading. Here, in this blog, I will share my thoughts and insights on trading in whole, as well as trading ideas in particular.

Why is this blog named “Common sense trading?”

The main focus of my writings is how to achieve exceptional results with common tools – those available to millions of traders all over the world.


What are those “common tools”?


It is price chart first.

Then, it is public information on volume and open interest from the exchanges (CME, for example), or regulators – such as CFTC (COT reports). Also, economic calendar and free market research on seasonality (optionally).

To make money, we don’t need fancy indicators or expensive trading software. We even don’t need access to level-2 (yet, reading order flow may be useful).

What we really need for success is common sense. Common sense is not “conventional thinking”, it is ability to make conclusions out of the data, understanding of market logics and statistics – what works in the market and what doesn’t.

Applying “common sense” is not easy. It requires much effort to behave rationally under pressure of uncertainty, ambiguity, conflicting information and financial risk. That’s what successful trading is all about. Not about magic software.


Hopefully, you will find my stuff useful. Anyway, I appreciate any feedback from you. I just ask you to be polite and friendly with fellow traders – readers of this site, no matter who you are – trading “guru” with 30 years of practice or amateur trader, who had just started out.

Good luck!


Best, Stan.