January 18, 2018

Private coaching program

If you feel stuck in trading, experience a slump in your trading performance, or lack the necessary knowledge, you are not alone!

Trading today is complex, both psychologically and methodologically. So why spend years on a “trial-and-error” style of self-education? Instead, enroll in an individual coaching program today (by filling the form below) and accelerate your learning curve!

I have broad experience working with traders of all levels and all timeframes, so I can help you find your “blind spots” and personal strengths. Time is money in this game – it may take several years to understand the market and, more importantly, understand yourself.

Why lose time?

Why would you need personal coaching?


Let’s face the truth – you will pay for your education somehow. Most people pay to the market in the form of trading losses or time (years of self-education). Usually, a “paycheck” for self-education is a bloody expensive combination of time and money. However, a few find a mentor who has already achieved the next level in this game and may give valuable feedback, ask the right questions, and provide the necessary support. I was paying the full price for that until I found my own mentors.

I do coaching in online mode with the help of Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other messenger with a “voice call” function. We make regular sessions and are always in contact with messengers between them.
If you are interested in such a program, request details by filling out the form below. Then, we will conduct a free initial 30-minute interview and decide whether such cooperation is possible.